Monday, 23 August 2010

Dave McKean @ the Pumphouse

I attended the Comica festival on Sunday at Battersea park. There was a nice mix of work on display and it gave an interesting overview on what's going on in the world of seems to be quite an established sub-culture here in London.

The adjacent Pumphouse gallery is showing an exhibition entitled 'Hypercomics' which includes amongst others the work of Dave McKean. The artist himself was present on Sunday and did a short Q&A explaining a little about the concept behind the installation piece 'The Rut'. The artist uses the room itself to unfold the narrative and combines drawings, digital work and sculpture to unfold and extrude the story. I'm a big fan of Dave McKean's work so this was really a very special treat! The exhibition runs until Sept 26.

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kevin said...

I missed this exhibition, thanks for sharing. love the b&w pic 'behind the mask' :) you may be interested in my website.