Friday, 6 August 2010


I'm involved in a forthcoming group exhibition entitled 'UPside' which will be taking place at the Medcalf Gallery from September 13th - November 6th. The concept for 'UPside' is the simple little things in life which make you cheerful - your reasons not to be miserable!

There's 13 artists in total taking part in the show and in the spirit of collaboration, we've set up a blog to share our ideas and keep an eye on how everyone work is developing. This is my work in progress for the exhibition. My ‘UPside’ is inspired by the ephemera we keep throughout our lives as souvenirs of happy events. These old postcards, receipts, photographs and ornaments serve as memory triggers, transporting us back to these occasions. I want to make a series of small works which explore the concepts of memory, nostalgia and sentimental value.

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