Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Spreading Christmas cheer

Here is the Christmas card I created and will be sending out (provided it arrives back form the printers in time!). I've also created a special festive home page for my website to get into the spirit of the season.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Xmas card for the Medcalf

I was approached by the Medcalf restaurant and gallery to design their Christmas card. The only criteria (apart from it being in some way Christmas related) was that it should include the building somewhere in the design. Inspired by the snowy weather of the past few weeks I created this festive collage.

Fearghal's Book

I have a new(ish) nephew! He's a dote and also happens to be my Godchild. I recently made him a present which is a book about his short life so far. The book includes details of his family tree, the day he was born and other famous folk he shares his birthday with. There's also spaces throughout the book for his parents to fill in as he grows up.

The portraits in the book are a mixture of mono-print and watercolour. The line quality of the mono-print combined with the subtle pastel water colours enabled me to achieve the softness I was after in the drawings. It was a slightly different way for me to work but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Some of the other spreads are more design based where I collaged different photos and graphics together. The pages are french folded and hand bound using a single sheet bind technique.