Friday, 29 June 2012

#getinframe project

Euston Road Underpass

The Eye, Holborn

City of London Gateway, Aldgate

The Spire, Western Avenue

This piece of work was selected as part of the #getinframe project. For one day (29 July 2012), it was displayed as a rotating digital billboard at 4 different prominent London locations - at Euston Road, Holborn, Aldgate and Western Avenue.

Open City Docs Fest 2012 - Festival Images

So the festival took place last weekend and was a great success. Thought I'd share a few final pictures of the event.

MyStreet @ Open City Docs Fest

Monday, 4 June 2012

Open City Docs Fest 2012 - visual language

These images form part of the suite of illustrations I created for OPEN CITY DOCS FEST 2012 and represent some of the strands of the festival this year. From the top - Sound Waves, The Image of the Engineer, World Visions, City Scope, Science Frictions and Still Lives.


I was commissioned to design the mystreet site. It's a really interesting idea and was a challenging and rewarding project to work on.