Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Birds are a recurring theme in my work and I want to bring some birds into my animation.  I was doing some research into the symbolic significance of crows when I came across this TED talk about the amazing intelligence of crows.  We are very aware of all the species that are becoming extinct but aren't paying attention to the ones that are living. Crows in particular are adapting really well to our increasingly urbanised world and are actually thriving.

Man-made landscapes

This is a scene from the project I'm working on at the moment for my final show. Throughout this year I've been working on ideas about man-made landscapes and and exploring the human imprint on the natural environment. I've been keen to bring these landscapes to life through animation and have recently started using After Effects to achieve this. I'm really enjoying the process though it is a steep learning curve. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bristol Artists' Book Fair

A group of us from the Camberwell Illustration MA had a stall at the Bristol Artists Book fair last weekend. It was a fantastic weekend, lots of great work to see and interesting people to talk to. I also sold some work too which was a bonus including a copy of 'The Book of Pogonology' to The National Irish Visual Arts Library.

Myself and Lizzie certainly didn't come home from the weekend empty handed! We met a very nice man named Bob who virtually sold us his whole stall including an Adana printing press and an entire case of Baskerville 10pt type. It was quite a struggle getting everything back to London on the train but we just about managed. I'm really excited to test it all out.

A - Z of Beards and Moustaches

And here is the final book! 'The book of Pogonology (A - Z of Beards and Moustaches)'. It's printed in an edition of 15. I'm delighted to have completed it :>

Pogonology in progress

I've come to the conclusion that things take approximately four times longer to do than I think they will! Producing this book has been a very labour intensive process and involved a lot of planning. It was a step by step process - Screen printing the illustrations, aligning and overprinting the letterpress, trimming down to size, folding the sheets, embroidering each page, binding the sheets and attaching the cover. Each stage posed different challenges to be overcome and I've learned a lot about hand-made processes.