Wednesday, 15 September 2010

UPside is UP!

The group show that I'm involved in 'UPside' is now on view at the Medcalf Gallery at Exmouth market. There's 14 of us involved in the show, each presenting their own little reason to be cheerful. It's on until November 6 with the private view happening next Tuesday (21st September) so come along if you can!

The first two images are my contribution to the exhibition along with another piece (which I posted on the blog a couple of entries ago). Throughout this series of work, I wanted to get across a sense of intimacy and celebrate the valueless preciousness of the personal souvenirs we collect and treasure throughout our lives.

The third piece didn't make it in! This image is a visual of the kind of object I wanted to create - but I had a few lasertran issues so the final piece didn't turn out how I had hoped. All the same, I enjoyed the process and it's an idea I'd like to experiment with and develop a bit further.

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