Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bristol Artists' Book Fair

A group of us from the Camberwell Illustration MA had a stall at the Bristol Artists Book fair last weekend. It was a fantastic weekend, lots of great work to see and interesting people to talk to. I also sold some work too which was a bonus including a copy of 'The Book of Pogonology' to The National Irish Visual Arts Library.

Myself and Lizzie certainly didn't come home from the weekend empty handed! We met a very nice man named Bob who virtually sold us his whole stall including an Adana printing press and an entire case of Baskerville 10pt type. It was quite a struggle getting everything back to London on the train but we just about managed. I'm really excited to test it all out.

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RONG said...

haha, yes i know it is sooo heavy. but anyway u gained a lots from this event. i really like ur and liz's unique book. amazing!